Parth Shah

Parth Shah

Director – Centroid India


Parth Shah joined Centroid UK in 2016 as an apprentice. In January 2017, he was appointed as Technical Director for Markerless Motion Capture in Centroid India. Parth has been trained to provide services like Facial Capture, Markerless Motion Capture, Inertial Motion Capture and Optical Motion Capture. He has been participating as Speaker and panellist for various Conferences and Institutes in India, in discussions focusing on AVG(Animation, VFX and Games) industry. Parth Shah has also been interviewed by Indian Medias (Animation Xpress and YourStory) to speak about Motion Capture in India.

In May 2018, Parth Shah was promoted & appointed as Director of Centroid India. Parth had always pursued Motion Capture as his passion rather than a job. His vision is to help Centroid India become established in India and to work on exciting Indian Projects.

About Centroid Motion Capture:

For more than two decades Centroid has supplied the highest standard of motion capture and animation services to numerous blockbuster movies and AAA games. Located in the heart of the UK’s film industry at Pinewood Studios, our full performance stage offers one of Europe’s largest capture volumes and all expected amenities for digital character production. In recent years, as well as the standard capture services, we have further developed our pipelines to include; live on set capture, virtual production, film and cinematic scene layout, crowd simulation and facial animation services.

We are proud to be Pinewood Studios preferred motion capture supplier and regularly partner with their audio and photogrammetry teams to provide production companies with a wider, high-end digital performance pipeline. Further to this, we have increased our presence in the Asian market through a strategic partnership and collaboration in Mumbai, with the world-renowned Famous Studios.

Centroid also offers a popular mobile studio compatible with most locations and for smaller budgets, there is a remote capture service in the form of an ‘On-Line portal’ into our studio offering an all-around flexible service.

Centroid India (Collaboration with Famous Studios) will be inaugurated on 15th November 2018 at Famous Studios, Mumbai.

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