Vishal T M

Vishal T M

CEO – Videogyan

Vishal’s belief in the power of online video has helped the company to realize the opportunities in the new age media.

Videogyan – an idea just a few years back is now a prominent player in the online kids content space.

Exploring the trend and incorporating new technologies is one of the major outlooks in Videogyan. He believes that success in the media industry is all about understanding the pulse of the target audience and Videogyan just does that.

He and his partner have identified splendid talents, who can implement and generate exceptional ideas and thereby create contents that are of great quality.

Also, there are many aspects that go into creating success in Videogyan – they are – being true to our ideas and focussing on the essentials that motivate the organization to succeed.

Nevertheless, one of the company’s major strength is from its partners who help to spread our word around the globe.

In 2016 Videogyan has ventured into mobile applications and games for kids under the brand name “Kidzooly” and has clocked more than 3 million downloads for its apps.

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